Colour in your Garden – Favourite Colour Combinations for Town and Country Gardens!

Feb 13, 2019 - POSTED BY Joss Earl - Gardeners Choice

Are you someone who enjoys plants with vivid colour contrasts to stimulate your senses?  It used to be considered that ‘hot’ colours belonged in countries of sunny climates and ‘soft’ palettes suited the grey of the UK weather. With the heating up of our climate, perhaps it’s time to revisit this assumption.  In Photo 1 you see a small village garden in Appleton, Oxfordshire.  The bright colours are reflected in the trees and the ‘wow’ factor is unmissable.  I find it really important to add dots of white in any colour palette as white and green seem to link the whole picture together.

But then can you beat the soothing calm that a colour palette of lavender,  pink and white can offer you?  The next two photos show the classically timeless planting scheme that is widely seen throughout the UK.  These soft colours look wonderful in both large and small gardens.  For your Spring display you can choose to plant bulbs that echo your Summer season in purples, pinks and whites or go to the other extreme and choose a mixture of bright colours so that you paint a completely different picture in Spring.

In Photo 4 you have one of my favourite colour palettes, a mixture of blue, yellow and white and green.  This to me both uplifts and calms and there is a range of beautiful shrubs and perennials which you can use to create  contrasting flowers and leaves to generate this colur palette.  In Photo 5,which shows a garden in Old Boar’s Hill, Oxford, I designed a ‘rainbow’ border, so as you walked along the path edging the flower border, you started off with vibrant colur contrasts and then moved on slowly to the soft colour palette at the end of the path. 

The last photo depicts one of my gardens which is in the NGS scheme and shows the joyful mixture of blue, white and green with bright splashes of yellow scattered in between.  There are many evergreen shrubs in this garden and the Hebe Midsummer Beauty has been known to flower from July to January!  Nodding racemes of blue flowers waving in the wind and braving the snow and frost.  Whatever your preference, there are beautiful plants for you to choose from, so have some fun and create the garden of your dreams!