Apr 21, 2020 - POSTED BY Monique Halloran - Gardeners Choice

With so many interior designers designing stunning kitchen, dining and living room extensions to houses, the view onto the garden has become ever more important. Monique Halloran of Spiering & Co. has been designing gardens for over 25 years, and the first photo shows a beautiful large garden she designed in Oxfordshire. This garden seamlessly brings the garden into the kitchen/dining area, thus giving a wonderful sense of space to the interior whilst enticing you out to walk through and discover the garden outside. 

Photo 1 showed a large country garden, but the second and third photos above show how a well-designed small garden can open up both the interior space and the exterior space.  Choosing the right paving slabs to flow uninterrupted from the house to the garden is very important in a small garden, as is creating a ‘journey’ in the garden itself to make the viewer wonder ‘What lies beyond here?’.  

What if you don’t have such beautiful wide patio doors?  Even with a small set of glazed double doors, the green of the garden and the ever changing colour scheme of the flowers as the seasons change, can bring real life and joy into your home.  The photos above show a small town garden in Oxford that is open under the National Garden Scheme once a year. Sadly this year the NGS has had to cancel these openings, but if you have never heard of the NGS, it is a wonderful scheme that raises money for many important health charities in the UK, including the Marie Curie Cancer Research. 

The final photos are all of Spiering & Co developments, full property developments of both interiors and exteriors, in London and in Oxford.  They show that no matter how small the garden is, it is worth creating a garden design that will enhance the beauty of the interior design.  Even in the midst of winter the view of the garden creates a wonderful focal point.  I do hope that your garden brings you pleasure in these difficult times!