Keep Spending Time in Your Garden in Winter with These Great Ideas

Jan 12, 2015 - POSTED BY Anna Halloran -

Guest Blog by Sarah Butler

Winter may not be a time of year you associate with sitting on the lawn or having pleasant drinks parties in your outdoor spaces, however you can actually make your garden into a lovely place for you, your family and your friends to hang out in the colder months with the right design ideas. Whether you want to take your Christmas parties out into the moonlight or you want to be able to sit and read on your porch on a crisp winter afternoon while you enjoy the view of your garden, there are things you can do to stop your garden being a sunny season only living space!

Consider a Design That Doesn't Look Bare in Winter

One thing, aside from the cold, that puts people off sitting or entertaining outdoors in winter is that some garden designs can look a bit bare and shabby once the flowers of the late summer have gone and the leaves have fallen from the trees. You can remedy this by considering a 'winter garden' in terms of the plants you have, so there are lovely evergreens and even winter flowers among your plants. This, when planned well, will mean that year round, you have a garden that looks full of life. You can even plant vegetables that will look lively in winter and provide seasonal food.

However, if you are not the type of garden owner who wants to spend a lot of time taking care of plant life or studying which plants work in different seasons and prefer something more minimalist in the garden layout, you, if anything, will have an easier time making your outdoor space work year round.  You can buy beautiful garden accessories in things like stone and marble that really compliment the winter season, and don't need any looking after!

Create a Cosy Place to Hang Out

Whether your activities in the garden in the warmer seasons involve partying with your friends or sitting peacefully and admiring the view, there is no reason to stop just because winter has come if you try and create an area where you are shielded from cold and rain and also have sources of warmth and light. A shelter from the rain can be created in many ways, and will even mean you have a place to sit if it snows. You can create warmth by adding patio style heaters which are great for entertaining or snuggling outside with a book and a wintry nightcap, and light can be added using traditional looking winter style lanterns, festive fairy lights, or normal year round outdoor lighting. If you don't want to invest a lot in making your garden's seating area nice for winter, another thing to consider is using snuggly blankets and using tea lights or other candles for illumination.

You love to use your garden in summer, so give some consideration to how you can also make it a wonderful place to be in winter time!