My Top Picks from London Design Week 2017 at Chelsea Design Centre

Mar 20, 2017 - POSTED BY Anna Halloran - Whats Hot

There were so many wonderfully creative ideas on show at the Chelsea Design Centre last week, it is difficult to choose which ones to highlight here. One of my favourite new finds is the stunning, hand painted, silk wallpaper range produced by Fromenthal In Photo 1 you can see their wallpaper ‘Folly’ which is a dyed silk, backed by paper, that has been hand painted in a naïve style with some of the design picked out in hand embroidery. You don’t see the embroidery straight away, so it is a lovely surprise to notice this delicate detailing. Then there is the ever inventive Porta Romana,, an old favourite of Spiering & Co for lighting products. Photo 2 shows Porta Romana’s stylish ‘Crater’ mirror flanked with their ‘Constellation’ LED wall lights. The Ridley table lamps have aptly chosen ‘Dust’ finish shades, which tie in well with the crater and constellation concept. Photo 3 shows the classic beauty of Fox Linton designs, that fit in so seamlessly to both traditional and contemporary interiors.

Another great new discovery for me was Chaplins Here you will find beautifully crafted and practically designed pieces of furniture and lighting with real attention to detail. Take Photo 4 which shows a stunning circular table in a high gloss finish with a central circle made out of real marble which swivels around. What a clever and practical idea. The ‘Peggy’ chairs are made out of leather and fabric and are both complimentary and comfortable. Photo 5 is a close up of Chaplins’ pendant with 50 pendants! It surprised me that there were so many pendants as the pendant itself has a balanced and light feel to it. Best of all the circular mirror ceiling plate hides all electrics – another example of great design. And what about the whimsical design of Photo 6 The Up Five Chair!

If you are planning a holiday by the sea, how about packing this adjustable stacking SS Chaise with wheels by John Munford. I saw this at Summit Furniture,,  a company that specialises in outdoor furniture. The great thing about this design is you won’t have to move the chaise longue to follow the sun, all you have to do is adjust the ends. Also by John Munford, and launched at the London Design Week, is the ingenious teak box with its folding deck chairs - the SD346 Director’s Chairs. What a clever designer! 

Last but certainly not least is the Ben Whistler Leather company, with their wonderful cow hide rugs that are dyed to suit your taste. The rug I liked was dyed to look like a reindeer, so the end product is of a good size to fit larger rooms but has none of the odd shape that real reindeer skins sewn together make. Also on display at Whistler was the Chapel Street faux leather sofa – see Photo 9.  I thought it was made from real leather, so good is the faux leather it is made out of.