Guest Blog - Traditional Home Design Ideas that Work in a Modern Space

Mar 14, 2014 - POSTED BY Anna Halloran -

As homeowners, we are constantly trying to find ways to keep up with the latest looks and improvements when it comes to our home interiors. Whilst it is a general rule that we should look forward to new concepts and ideas, it can be quite refreshing to see what has worked well in the past. It can be interesting to use these techniques in a modern home interior, as there are ways of incorporating these whilst still achieving a fresh and updated look.

If you are interested in learning about some of the traditional home design ideas that work in a modern space, read the points below. Hopefully you will find the inspiration you need to create a sophisticated look, using ideas both new and old...

Belfast sinks

First of all, look towards your sink and see how you can adapt what you already have. Most households will have a metal sink area due to cost savings and functionality, but this doesn’t always offer the best look and feel. To achieve a country kitchen vibe, why not think about a ceramic based sink such as the classic Belfast design. These look great when they are on a standalone unit, as well as sunk into a wooden worktop.

Stable doors

If your kitchen is the hub of your home, why don’t you upgrade the external door leading to it? You will be able to find many examples of composite doors for the home by searching online, but the one that may be the most ideal is the stable door. These were a popular choice for many country kitchens before they were replaced by more energy efficient models, but it is now possible to buy one that incorporates this ideology too.

Ceiling beams

Another great feature of more traditional properties are the beams on the ceiling, and occasionally on the walls. This type of character can be expensive to buy in a new home, but there is no reason you can’t replicate this within your own house. There are many different types of beam you can choose from - the most traditional being wood - but you can also look at forms of metal if this suits your interiors.

Oversized hob

Back in the kitchen you might want to analyse your hob and stove. Many of the appliances sold these days are relatively small units, but it can be a real focal point if you invest in something larger. Country kitchens are known for their range cookers, and there are some gorgeous colours available in the present time. That means you could opt for a pewter or cream colour if you wanted to maintain the contemporary look.

Kitchen island

Finally, a kitchen island could also work wonders in your home. Not only is it a very social space, but you can achieve the modern effect by incorporating bar stools in a breakfast bar area. The key is to look for a glossy finish as this will help to bounce light around the room, making it look larger and more spacious in appearance.

Guest Blog by Victoria Moretti