Wall & Deco - Inspiration for your bathrooms

Jul 1, 2019 - POSTED BY Monique Halloran - How To... , Market Trends

When designing a bathroom the options for unique and innovative wall coverings are endless, yet to make something practical as well as sensational to look at, it can be trickier than you think. When designing bathrooms for a winery recently we wanted the wall space to be viewed as a piece of art as well as being practical for everyday use. I came across an amazing company called Wall & Deco, who made bespoke wall paper with gorgeous designs that were so durable they could even be used in swimming pools. After selecting our design they tailored it to fit the niche we were wanting to cover.

Supplied by the wonderful West One Bathrooms, the fitting process was incredibly clear and the end result was flawless. This first photo shows the niche were we used the paper, with the following photos showing some other incredible designs they have done. Contact Kirsten at West One Bathrooms if you fancy doing something unique within your own space.