Waterperry Gardens opened for the NGS Gardens for Charity!

May 15, 2019 - POSTED BY Monique Halloran - Gardeners Choice

The National Garden Scheme, #NGS #Gardens, gives us all an opportunity to see the most wonderful gardens in Britain whilst supporting some of the best nursing and health charities in the UK.  However these actors or players on the stage at the new amphitheatre in Waterperry Gardens, Oxford, were a real surprise! A special treat!  In Photo 2, below, you see a more traditional ‘stage setting’ in this beautiful arbour that will soon be covered in roses, framed by exquisitely pruned topiary hedges.  Then there is a close up photo of one of the Fritillarias in the Fritillary Field.  A first for me to see a Fritillary Field, and it was very enchanting.  

As we walked around Waterperry Gardens, a teak bench beckoned to us to take a rest and to enjoy the view.  On one side of the bench you can see the abundant white flowers of Spiraea Arguta, which cascade down like a waterfall, and on the other side of the bench it looks to me like a Euonymus shrub with yellow green leaves.  I personally think it would have been even lovelier if they had planted 2 x Spiraea Arguta, one on each side of the bench. Let me know your thoughts!

Photo 4 shows the side view looking toward Waterperry Manor House and showing the beautiful Spiraea Arguta again and a flowering Prunus tree.  Waterperry Manor House was bought, with the estate, by Miss Beatrix Havergal in 1948, who established the famous Waterperry School of Horticulture and who laid the foundations for the gardens at Waterperry.  Horticultural classes are still held at Waterperry and very helpful and practical they are too! Waterperry House itself was rebuilt in 1713 by Sir John Curson, and has a graceful Queen Anne frontage.  Parts of the house date back to Tudor times, and it also boasts the largest collection of contemporary frescoes in this country. 

The last photo depicts the elegant and timeless water feature, with a graceful metal sculpture of a man looking up at the sky in admiration.  The sculpture is cleverly backed by a clipped yew hedge that forms a stylised pattern behind him.  A couple of florescent Prunus trees add the finishing touches to a wonderful picture of #serenity in a #garden.