Before and After Landscapes

It is so easy to forget what something looked like once the design is in place and has been growing for a while, especially when your design is such that it looks like it belongs and has always been there.  These photos are a great reminder of the fun that was had in creating the new garden and the pleasure of seeing a garden that fits the client's specific criteria whilst looking good all year round.
Some sites have good bones and it is more  a question of keeping the best and updating the rest, whilst others need a total rethink and are a real blank canvas to work on with your client.
Spiering & Co. have worked for many years with trusted landscapers and our plant suppliers are second to none. We pass on wholesale discounts to our clients so when you are planting an entirely new garden it does not cost the earth. This all makes for a successful outcome form the start of the design to the finish. 

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