The Secret Garden in SW London!

When asked to summarise in a sentence what they were looking for in their town garden, the response was immediate, ‘A Secret Garden!’.  These wonderful clients wanted to have something more than straight lines and an oblong patch of grass.  We created an enticing journey that seamlessly flows from their beautiful kitchen extension out on to a good sized patio, perfect for family entertainment.   From there we extended the same ceramic patio tiles to create a curved pathway with a stunning central circle which culminates in an oasis of calm at the rear of the garden, where you can rock yourself peacefully on a 3 seater swing seat whilst you enjoy your garden and relax at your journey’s end.  

The first photo shows our first encounter with the garden, a mound of builder’s waste and very little else! The patios and the path were chosen to reflect the stunning kitchen interior (which we had been honoured to design earlier!), and the planting was specified to create year round interest.  These pictures are taken in the Autumn, but in the Spring wherever there are perennials, a host of beautiful tulips appear, and in the Summer different shrubs and different perennials flower, creating new landscapes to explore and enjoy.  

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