Parsons Green SW6

What a wonderful surprise it was when some clients from 5 years ago telephoned to say they had moved to Perrymead Street in Parsons Green and asked if I could recreate their previous garden for them again.  In particular they were looking for the planting to offer the same continuous seasonal changes which always surprised and delighted them as each season brought a new look to their previous garden.  

Every garden is unique and the new garden in Perrymead Street brought a few interesting challenges which differentiated it from their previous garden.  An enormous weeping willow with a TPO on it overhangs the back of the garden, putting most of one side of the back garden in deep shade, So the first job was to prune out some branches and create a lighter head to this tree.  The client has redeveloped the whole house and the upper ground floor now has a wall of glass overlooking the whole garden.  The emphasis is on the planting which will be on display all year round and the central lawn which I hope will always bring a bit of the country into their hectic London lives.

When creating small urban gardens the important rule to remember is to simplify your design, less is usually more!  So for the planting near the house I specified mainly evergreen planting and put in a row of Abelia grandiflora in the front border with a row of Hydrangea Preziosa opposite. The lawn is edged with Buxus sempervirens and the entrance to the lawn has a pair of box balls which are echoed in the entrance to the back patio which has a row of 3 box balls on either side. This method of repeat planting lends a rhythm to the design.  Lastly to the front of the garden I needed to balance the overpowering presence of the large weeping willow behind the back of the garden, so we placed a beautiful Amelanchier tree which will flower profusely late spring and early summer and in addition gives a wonderful autumn display.


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