Stanton Harcourt OX29

A stunning stone Cotswold house, set back from the road, at the end of a long driveway, with the majority of the garden stretching out into the fields at the back of the house. When I first went to these clients, the only way to access the garden was from the side of the house, and one of the first things I suggested was to change the floor plan of the house, to enable there to be two pairs of French doors on either side of the rear of the house, so that the main garden could be enjoyed from the inside. In addition, by putting these doors in at the rear of the house, the garden is now accessed straight into the main body of the garden, which is a much grander way to enter your garden than through the side of a garden.  The garden design needed to match the quality of the Cotswold stone house set in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside.

As you step out of the house there is a stone terrace with a formal central lawn, edged by matching borders. Paths to the edge of the lawn lead you to another terrace where the clients enjoy to barbecue and entertain their family and friends. This area looks good all year round and is a view enjoyed from both inside the house and outside. Beyond this area lies a well-used vegetable garden – there certainly is nothing like going to the bottom of your garden to pick your own produce, be it vegetables or flowers, and if you have the space, this is definitely a good idea to consider including.  Evergreen hedges of Taxus baccata separate the different ‘rooms’ in this Oxfordshire garden, with two rows of pleached Carpinus betulus demarking the ‘room’ of the garden to the side of the house.


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