Wild Flower Gardens

Wild flower meadows look so inviting and natural that it would be easy to think they were simple to create but this is far from the truth. Wild flowers thrive in poor soil and therefore the most important key to creating a successful wild flower meadow in a garden setting is to remove the rich layer of topsoil.
There are two main ways to create a meadow, the first is to seed one, the second is to plant plug plants into an existing area of grass. The trouble with the latter is that most lawn grasses are too virulent and will very soon overpower the wild flower plants. In addition the nutrients from the topsoil in which the grass is growing will leak into the areas you dig out and where you remove the topsoil to plant the plugs.
My preferred method, where possible, is to remove all the grass and remove all the top soil in the area you want the meadow. Then scarify the earth to make it nice and friable and, having selected your wildflower mix to suit your soil, aspect and the colours you wish to have, sow it evenly and carefully. We use specialist seed suppliers and have always had great success in creating beautiful natural wildflower meadows.  

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