Wild Prairie Gardens

A wonderful client of ours asked me to “Bring the Wilds of Nature into Oxford for me to enjoy”.  When we came to the garden it was mainly laid to lawn with a hedge in the middle behind which it was just an unkempt mess.  After studying gardens by Piet Oudolf, the famous Dutch Garden Designer, we set about creating a journey for our clients to enjoy.  From Spring through to Autumn they can now walk through a profusion of colour and texture, scent and the sound of bees.  This garden attracts beautiful butterflies, bees and birds, all of them either splashing in or drinking out of the bird bath or flitting from flower to flower. 

The client’s response was wonderful, “We are delighted with how Monique was able to bring our dream garden to a reality. Our love of grasses and the natural surprises created by flowers springing from their midst was perfectly designed. Thank you Monique.” 

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