Knightsbridge SW3

The existing floor plan divided the main reception into one reasonable space and two smaller rooms, with the reception overlooking the gardens and then a kitchen/dining area to the back of the flat.  This necessitated a corridor to access the dining area; this divided the space even further. The bedrooms had much the same treatment with two bathrooms, a tiny loo and a huge hallway cupboard in addition to the three bedrooms.The solution was to open the space up creating more light and a feeling of luxury, eliminating  the boxy feel and sense of confinement.
Now you step out of the lift into a hallway with painted trompe d’oeil beading which gives it more depth and breaks up the feeling of a long corridor.  From there a door opens into a beautiful light filled reception room which incorporates the whole of main reception and what was the kitchen and corridor.  This naturally leads your eye into the reception, across the dining room with its beautiful central chandelier, and into the new open plan kitchen.  The kitchen is cleverly separated by sliding glass paneled doors so the whole of this side of the property benefits from the dual aspect of the large triple windows to the front and the windows to the back.  A bespoke bookcase lines the wall with spaces for spot lit sculptures and shelves of LED-lit books. The real bonus came however when the investment was realised.  It was purchased at £1.8 million; just 2 years after we redesigned and refurbished, it was sold for £3.25 million.

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