What a treat to be invited to design this garden for Michael Holmes and Emma Kirby! When we arrived on the one acre site the cottage had gone and the foundations for a large ‘Georgian’ house with a modern glass extension had just been dug. There was a huge mound  of earth in the middle of an otherwise weed infested plot. They knew they wanted a water feature close to the kitchen and a large terrace for entertaining. We were inspired by the marriage of the elegant Georgian symmetry with the modern glass extension, and the attention paid to every detail of the build.

The back wall of the kitchen was brushed concrete and in order to reflect the interior outside, we continued this same finish out into the garden. A ‘letterbox’ fountain spilled into an oblong water feature out of this wall, and we built a shelf around two sides so people could sit and paddle with a drink if they wanted to. We designed a key stone path so they can walk through the two borders and really enjoy the plant combinations. As there were some neighbours close by, the main borders were edged with pleached hornbeam to provide privacy. They were just the right height to screen without in anyway enclosing the garden. Beyond that the orchard was just waiting to be seeded with wild flowers and a specially selected meadow mix was sown after the top soil had been removed.

To see the site as it was when I first met the client, please look at the very last photo. 

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