North Oxford OX2

 This was a typical small oblong town garden with the house at one end and the shed at the other. At first glance perhaps not the most inspiring, but our designs for this garden ended up with it featured as a stand-alone garden in the National Garden Scheme Yellow Book. 
The first thing to do with a shape like this is to divide it into the magic threes.  The first third near the house for entertaining, then another two thirds for the garden, instantly giving you a journey to go through which tricks the eye into believing the space is much larger than it is. The client wanted lots of beautiful plants with a year round interest and a quiet area to relax and read if possible.
We created a stone path that led away from the terrace with a central stone circle that beckons you to walk and admire the plants. The central planting was edged with brick on edge and into the jointing medium we sprinkled decorative pebbles which the client already owned.  Following this we created a quiet garden behind bespoke trellis, with a small water feature and a hammock strung from the pergola. A perfect place to relax in.

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